Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

A: The FAQ is a great place to start, actually! First you need to determine what Bible is right for your children, and how often you'll be able to devote quality time to your children.

Which Bible is right for my kids?

A: Is your child a reader? If yes, we recommend The Kingstone Bible. If no, we  recommend The Beginner's Bible.

How often should I do devotions with my kids?

A: We recommend doing devotions with your children 4 nights a week, if possible.

Where do I purchase The Beginner's Bible and/or the Kingstone Bible?

A: Bibles can be purchased in the church bookstore for a discounted price or on the publisher's websites.

What if I miss a day of doing devotions with my kids?

A: That's okay! Just continue with the devotion where you left off.

technology questions

How do I download devotions for my kids?

On the Kingstone Page, click one of the files below the description to download the devotions.

How do I print devotions for my kids?

Once you've clicked the button to download the devotions, follow the instructions for your internet browser to print the devotions.

How do I access devotions on the Cornerstone Allen Nolan app?

1. Open the app.
2. Tap the Family tab.
3. Under the Family tab, tap the Devotions sub tab.
4. Select the desired devotion and enjoy!

What if I do not have internet access at home?

Have no fear! Printed copies can be requested at the Cornerstone Bookstore. The bookstore is open a half hour before and after service.


What about teenagers?

A: Great Question! Teenagers are encouraged to check out YL on Sundays or Wednesdays. In addition, we also encourage teenagers to check out the YouVersion app for devotions and studies with friends.

What other resources do you have?

A: If your child is in need of more resources, be sure to check out RightNow Media. All members of Cornerstone Fellowship have free access to RightNow Media, which features hundreds of shows and content that's great for children.

I need further assistance, who do I contact?

A: Please email us at [email protected]. We'd be happy to help!